Mosaic Suspended Ceiling Tiles

18 regency

This spectacular 3-D suspended ceiling tile is called Regency.

19 regency
The ceiling has been neglected for a hundred years or more. With the advent of downlights we can now once again decorate what's above us, as well as the floor and walls.
It is possible  to have a flat pictorial panel or multiple level version.

The flat could be abstract, patterned or perhaps like space or showing a picture over the entire ceiling.
The 3D versions can be many layers in complexity. The white ceiling panels with green trim (see photo) are 5 levels. Combine this with the use of 100 colours and realise the possibilities are limitless. Any room theme decor can be matched or contrasted.
header victoria red mosaic panel
header restaruant partition divider
hero reef pool
header window panel
hero white and gold

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