Mosaic Panel Design Ideas

mosaic panel design samples
These mosaic panels offer a wonderfully new way to portray texture, colour and theme, to an architects design. 
  • They can be set up to see one side or both. 
  • The designed holes can be left open for air or filled with coloured, clear or opaque perspex or glass. 

They have an interesting ability to match either fore-ground or back-ground. As a beach side balustrade or fence, they can be made blue on one side, to match the far side sea from the house  and made white to match the house from the sea side. Conversely, as a partition between restaurant and hotel entrance foyer, each side can match the decor of its near side. 

The common rectangular or square shape of the panel can also be varied to many other custom shapes.
header victoria red mosaic panel
header restaruant partition divider
hero reef pool
header window panel
hero white and gold

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