Mosaic & Curved Bathroom Tiling

bathroom modern

Mosaic Miracles bathrooms are both ultra modern and artistic. Curves in tiles are a specialty application of Mosaic Miracles. Left side curve is a shower screen.

bathroom curves
The bathroom can be such a source of pleasure. When one closes the bathroom door to the privacy of pure aloneness, it is extremely important that the moments are stress free and pleasurable. Daily enjoy those pink or green tiles. Love the feel and look of the tiled seat in the shower or the size of the tiled bath. You may love the make-up lights, the storage, the book rack or the view.

Thoughts of these little things arise to bring pleasure or angst when that door is closed to the world. Take extra time in designing your bathroom to make it a place of worry-free time out and pleasantness.

header victoria red mosaic panel
header restaruant partition divider
hero reef pool
header window panel
hero white and gold

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