Mosaic Tiling Art For Pools

17 waterfalls with pool

Exterior and interior specialty pool tiling complete this outdoor setting. Pool to weir waterfall is created by laying the tiles 45  degrees to the wall. This creates a patterned white water flicker which looks great at night under lights. Tiled murals are also created by Mosaic Miracles.

25 ulysesis butterfly
Tile your pool for feature, longevity and savings. In Australia 10% of swimming pools are fully tiled while in America it is less than 1%. The reason for this is the american pool interiors have a built-in redundancy where the surface fails in 5-7 years to supply extra work to the industry. In theory your tiles should last at least 25 years, out lasting the pool shell itself. In this case a  seemingly more expensive high quality tiled finish is actually cheaper than the inferior surfaces. In short, tile your pool to begin creating the maintenance free enjoyment area of your property. 

Design your pool for practicality, looks and fun. One example of this is to have straight lines on one side for access while the other side is curved for looks. perhaps its a hiding nook swim-out under the waterfall or an extra shallow bit for the non-swimmers. 

header victoria red mosaic panel
header restaruant partition divider
hero reef pool
header window panel
hero white and gold

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